“T For Tal”, -Talmage Cedar Brock Foundation- is in memory of our three year old son who we tragically lost on May 25, 2013 as a result of drowning. Sadly, while playing at a family gathering and surrounded by adults and other children we lost Talmage. In his innocence Tal strayed from the group to Cedar Creek, which he was named after, to fill a squirt gun, and in an instant he slipped and left us too soon. While he is gone, he never will be forgotten, and he is forever in our hearts.

Tal, was so proud to point out the letter ‘T’ to Mom when ever he spotted it. He would find it and declare “Look Mom! T for Tal!”
Sebby and Honour too always enjoyed the ‘alphabet game’ with there beloved little brother, and saw the strides he was making daily as a 3 year old. The Fall of 2013, Honour and Mom found this leaf, and naturally Honour announced “Look Mom! T for Tal!”…. thus the inspiration for the logo of the Foundation.




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