Tal’s Gardening Day 2017

Bret and Deanne Brock hosted the 4th annual gardening day at Walker Chapel on Saturday, in memory of their cherished son Talmage, who would have turned 7 this year. Tal’s Garden was full of friends, family and community members who spent the morning gardening and in fellowship in support of the Brock family. A big thanks to Gigi’s Cookies, The Money Baker, Matt Mendelsohn, Julie Monticello (Tell Chronicles) and Merrifield Garden Center for helping with this special day.




3rd Annual T For Tal Gardening Day, April 23, 2016

Thank you to Tell Chronicles for capturing the latter part of this special day in memory of Talmage.  There were so many volunteers who made this day what it is…a day of coming together in love and service because of our little boy.

Many thanks to our sponsors Gigi’s Cookies, Moneybaker Cookies and Merrifield Garden Center.  Thank you to those that contributed to the T For Tal fund.

We deeply appreciate everyone’s support.

T For Tal Service Day May 9, 2015, Walker Chapel, Arlington, VA

The second annual T For Tal Service Day was held May 9th, 2015 and it was a very special day…
The morning began with a light mist from the clouds which made for a beautiful time to be outside working in the garden.  For the second year, the turnout was remarkable as over 100 friends and family came to Walker Chapel to show their love and support.
Progress was made all over Tal’s garden as new plantings, bushes, and fresh mulch were added.  It was heartwarming to see so many friends working hard including children pitching in and truly enjoying service with their families and friends.  Pretty quickly the grounds were looking sharp, and the hugs, the handshakes and high fives kept coming.
As hosts, our emotions were put to the test. It was a day of both joy and sadness as we celebrated the life of our son Talmage.
The leadership of Liesl Wright was instrumental to the day’s success as the main organizer for the day.   Tori Rittenger and Stuart Carson were garden leaders and helped direct volunteers as well.
A fabulous picnic lunch was donated by Lebanese Taverna. Tegan Holtzman baked homemade cookies too! Thank you to Valeri and Stan Brock for being our lunch leaders.
As the day winded down we were done with our work by 1:30pm.   The sun peeked out just as we were finishing up the day and children were given poppers to celebrate Tal and the day.
It was truly amazing and uplifting how friends traveled from far places like Loudon County and friends who came by from locally in between kids sports to take the time to be with us and lend a hand.
Pastor Jim delivered an uplifting and powerful message on love and why we do things in the name of love.  Bret also shared an emotional thank you to everyone.
As we told friends in between the tears and smiles, we hoped that the day was as beautiful of a memory for them as it was and will continue to be for us.
Many others who could not attend generously made donations to the T For Tal Foundation to help fund this event.
We have these very special photographs to remember this day because of our friend and talented photographer, Julie Monticello of Tell Chronicles.
Thank you to all who made the day special from every corner of our hearts.
Enjoy more photos at T FOR TAL Day of Service Pictures
With much love and gratitude,
The Brock’s
Thank you also to Lori Brock for coming before the service day and cleaning his headstone for the service day.

Let us know if your seeds sprouts! We would love to hear about it!
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